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Comfort in Convos

Welcome to this episode of Jack Chat and another tiny lesson in leadership, straight up.

In this episode, I’d like to talk about communicating with your team. The reality is…the only way people directly experience your leadership is through conversations with you. So, it seems like if you want to lead, you should get pretty good at those conversations.

Now, for a startling statistic. 69% of leaders admitted to being uncomfortable communicating with their team members. This is rather troubling considering that we all know we tend to avoid things we’re uncomfortable with.

I have a couple bits of advice for you here:

First: Calm yourself and choose how you show up.

I guess that’s really two bits of advice, but the goal is mindfulness. Breathe deeply and choose your mindset – I suggest curiosity or maybe supportiveness. Gratitude is always nice… 

Second: Stop thinking about yourself.

After you’ve cleared your mind and chosen your mindset, shift your thoughts to the other person. It’s amazing how much being self-focused can contaminate a conversation. 

Here are some self-reflection questions to help you find some communication comfort:

How often am I thinking about myself in conversations with others?
How might I break the pattern of self-focused thinking during conversations? 
What mindset will I choose for my next conversation?

Give those questions some thought…and join me again for another chat!


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