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Bite-sized podcasts that will feel like an espresso shot to your brain.

Jackie Pelland and Courtney Smock sit next to each other with their hands on a table. In between them is a classic boxy silver microphone.
Corporate Knows Best?
S3 Ep12: Shaping your world in a big company.
The Power of Coaching
S3 Ep11: Don’t hire a coach before you know these tips.
Myth Busting
S3 Ep10: Have you ever said, “It’s not personal, it’s just business?”
Backward on Behavior
S3 Ep9: When it comes to behavior, what comes first?
Playing Dodgeball
S3 Ep8: How to keep change management from feeling like a brutal game of dodgeball.
Coaching Surprises
S3 Ep7: Some surprising facts about coaching everyone should know.
Change Saturation
S3 Ep6: The difference between capacity and saturation during times of change.
AI and Leadership
S3 Ep5: Future-proof your leadership in the age of AI.
Don’t Delay Development
S3 Ep4: Are you kicking development down the road?
S3 Ep3: The connection between culture and company performance.
Thinking Differently
S3 Ep2: Train yourself to think differently as a leader.
Theory of Complexity
S3 Ep1: Why Dave Snowden’s theory is important when leading people.

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