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Bite-sized podcasts that will feel like an espresso shot to your brain.

Workplace of the Future
Shotcast Episode 10: What do we lose in the virtual workplace?
Bad is Stronger than Good
Shotcast Episode 9: Should change management actually be called “loss” management?
Equity Theory & Engagement
Shotcast Episode 8: How do “Equity Theory” and “Employee Engagement” factor in to “Quiet Quitting.”
Quiet Quitting
Shotcast Episode 7: Everyone seems to be talking about the phenomenon of quiet quitting.
Preparing for Change
Shotcast Episode 6: Is your organization prepared for change?
Toxic Culture
Shotcast Episode 5: Is your culture toxic or just annoying? The difference matters.
It’s the Environment
Shotcast Episode 4: The truth about most performance issues.
You’re Just Not That Big a Deal
Shotcast Episode 3: A clever daily reminder to stop obsessing about yourself.
Who Would Follow You?
Shotcast Episode 2: Two ideas to help you answer that question…and why it’s important.
Mindset Over Skill Set
Shotcast Episode 1: Learn how your mindset can have a big impact on your work performance.
Do You Need a Shot?
Welcome to Slingshot25’s “Shotcast” – a teeny-tiny audio podcast that packs a punch.
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