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Tiny lessons in leadership.
Straight up.

Conflict Debt
Jack Chat S2 Ep 8: Why conflict debt is toxic and how to fix it.
The Underestimating Mistake
Jack Chat S2 Ep 7: The thing leaders underestimate at their peril.
A Leader’s Influence on Culture (pt.2)
Jack Chat S2 Ep 6: Jack discusses the big impact a leader has on culture.
Animate your Culture
Jack Chat S2 Ep 5: Jack talks about the role a leader plays in bringing company culture to life.
The Reminder
Jack Chat S2 Ep 4: Jack shares her biggest complaint about leadership “reminders.”
Jack Chat S2 Ep 3: Learn how leaders can start “noticing” instead of micromanaging.
Jack Chat S2 Ep 2: The impact of FEAR on leading others.
Jack Chat S2 Ep 1: Restraint can be an important skill in leadership.
Jack Chat Episode 8: Common misperceptions about coaching busted.
Jack Chat Episode 7: A leader’s job in ensuring teams work better together.
Belief in Others
Jack Chat Episode 6: A powerful and often overlooked leadership skill.
Jack Chat Episode 5: The benefits of being deliberately curious as a leader.
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