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Expertise in change.
Expertise in leadership.

There hasn’t been a better mix since the chocolate fell into the peanut butter.

We know change is hard. We’ve personally experienced how disruptive it can be. Change creates confusion, frustration, anxiety, and fear. Change can be exhausting and leading through change is always messy.

We believe it can be better, so we bring humanity to the workplace by talking about feelings and teaching leaders why caring matters. We know a team at its full potential is unstoppable, so we teach leaders to believe in others. And we know for certain that “you’re just not that big a deal,” so we teach leaders humility and curiosity.

We build leaders – not just for times of change, but every. single. day.

About Us

Do you want our credentials, or do you want to know who we really are? Of course we have credentials . . . boring! But we bet you’d rather know the honest-to-goodness us.

  • We’ve shaped our beliefs from real (often ugly) corporate experience.
  • We want our experience to matter. Helping others avoid mistakes gives our scars purpose.
  • Change makes awkward moments. We aren’t afraid to get messy, to challenge, and to not be liked in every moment.
  • We are willing to take the long way around if it means actually getting to where you need to go.
  • Oh . . . and we’re hilarious. Just ask us.

Slingshot25 Partners

Jackie Pelland

Leadership, Coaching

Jackie Pelland sits on couch smiling with her hands resting on her pants

Jackie Pelland has over 25 years of leadership development experience inside Fortune 500 companies. Throughout her career, Jackie has studied the art and science of leadership. Her studies have brought her to the conclusion that the basic premise of leadership hasn’t changed in about 200,000 years. She believes our desire to contribute our talents, to be valued and feel connected to others is roughly the same now as when we lived in caves. It’s these beliefs that drive her irreverent, fun, and welcoming approach to leadership development. People rarely forget having attended a session with Jackie.

Jackie has a degree in Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa and is a graduate of Seth Godin’s altMBA program. She is a certified instructor for several leadership development programs and a master practitioner of Energy Leadership coaching. Jackie is a frequent speaker at conferences and leadership learning events and is the designer of unique and effective leadership programs that focus on the essential and often-forgotten truth of leading people.

Courtney’s at her best when she is designing, facilitating and coaching. She is the lead facilitator for The Change Course, a Slingshot25 learning experience designed to help change leads, leaders, and HR professionals improve their ability to influence, take care of people, and take action during change. 

When you work with Courtney, you can expect expertise and high energy. In fact, the word “energy” appears on nearly every evaluation of her work. Whether it’s change management or team effectiveness, Courtney loves facilitating groups – the messier the better. She’s also a trusted coach to those wanting to grow their change management skills and has found a sweet spot coaching people in career transition. 

She holds an MBA from the University of Iowa and is an IPEC certified coach.

Courtney Smock

Coaching and Change

Courtney Smock sits on a couches edge and smiles

Kim Garrett

Change Management

Kim Garrett Headshot

For more than 20 years, Kim has led communications and marketing strategies in higher education and corporate environments, including a Fortune 100 company. An expert in employee communications and change management, she helps clients develop content and messaging that sticks.

At Slingshot25, Kim produces the fan-favorite Jack Chat videos and Shotcast series focused on leadership and change topics.

A South Dakota native, Kim earned a bachelor’s degree in communication studies from South Dakota State University (Go Jacks!) and a master’s degree in leadership education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Sarah started her accidental career in project management 20 years ago, when her bachelor’s degree in Leisure Studies didn’t provide her with enough challenging and purposeful work. She found purpose and challenges galore in the project management realm, especially transformation projects focused on making time at work more efficient and effective.

After leading countless projects, initiatives, transformations, (insert buzz word here), Sarah has seen the good, the bad, and sometimes the really bad outcomes resulting from how organizations lead and support THEIR PEOPLE in times of change. She loves bringing disorder-to-order and leverages her experiences to facilitate and assist our clients during their transformative times.

Sarah grew up on a farm in rural Iowa where she developed a strong work ethic and a love for the outdoors. She has an undergraduate degree from the University of Iowa and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University – Huizenga College of Business and Entrepreneurship. Sarah is also an IPEC certified coach.

Sarah Gorsh

Project and Change Management


Michelle Owens


Michelle Owens smiles and puts a hand on her leg

Michelle Owens, visionary for Slingshot25 brings EOS® and change leadership to small businesses in the corridor. She is a skilled facilitator with experience as an entrepreneur, business leader and hands on practitioner.

Michelle has experienced the EOS® process first-hand and enjoys helping leaders get what they want from their business. Her passion is to help Iowa business thrive and bring humanity to the workplace. 

With years in this business, Michelle is ready to guide you through change. She is a certified EOS Implementer, holds a masters degree in business and has been certified in HR. She has implemented change programs for thousands of leaders over the course of her career.

Who we’ve worked with.

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