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The Power of Coaching

J: Welcome to Slingshot25’s Shotcast, a series of bite-sized podcasts that will feel like an espresso shot straight to your brain. I’m Jackie. 

C: I’m Courtney. 

J: Something we’ve been thinking about is, well honestly, ourselves. 

C: It’s our favorite topic. I hope we not talked about it before.

J: Oh well, when we’re not recording, that’s all we’re talking about is ourselves. But we thought we would go ahead and turn the mics on and talk about ourselves.

We’ve been thinking about our coaching and you know what, Courtney, the word is out. You know what people are saying about us? They are saying that we are like Patrick Lencioni meets Brene Brown without the wait list! 

C: Oh wow. Who’s saying that? 

J: Well, mostly us. We’re saying that. But you heard it here first!

You did hear it first people pass it on. All kidding aside, we want to talk about the power of coaching.  Of course there is an open invitation to reach out to us and we’re happy to work with you, but we thought we might also just mention the things that you should be thinking about if you are thinking about a coach.

So the first thing that comes up for me, Courtney, is if you’re thinking about a coach, now is the time! Right? Don’t wait too long. If you’re really stuck on something, you know, just give us a shout, reach out to a coach. We’d love to hear from you! But, reach out to a coach and start talking to them so you can get a sense of, of how they work. 

And one of the first things you should also be doing as you’re starting that conversation is to be really thinking about what you want. That’s what coaching ultimately helps you to do is to achieve what you really want. Get you unstuck from where you are, which is what’s probably causing you to think “Maybe I need a coach?” and start really thinking about what you want so you can start those conversations with people that you might then get into a coaching relationship with. What would you add? 

C: Well, the thing that’s coming up for me is in that space of figuring out what you want and not waiting is your work is your work and whether you do it today or you do it in a year, whatever you’re dealing with, whether that is your stress or your overanalyzing yourself or your anxiety, whatever that is, like you’re going to live with it until you do the work. 

So sometimes it takes five minutes of courage to make a call. When you work with a coach, what you’re doing is saying, I’m going to do this and I’m going to do it now and I’m going to take the benefit of the next year of not thinking “there’ll be something else” ahead of you.

Let’s be honest. There’s always more work to do, but to move faster through your stuff and claim your freedom back, claim your sanity back, reduce your stress. You can have support right now and I think that that is something that we’re like, maybe it’ll go away… It’s not going away. It’s going to be there for you.

The other thing that I think is really important and we joke when we say like “you want to work with us”, but I think as you’re thinking about a coach, finding someone who gets you. It’s okay. Shop around. It’s okay. When Jackie says, reach out to people, talk to different people and pay attention to how they make you feel. Pay attention to what your energy does when you’re with them. 

We are not for everyone. I know, that’s shocking. But we’re not for everyone! But there is someone out there. There’s someone out there for you that’s going to speak in your language to honor your values in a way that’s special to you, that is really going to help you be your best. It’s important that you find that person and work with them because there’s lots of us. And I always see (I’m a very visual person) a quilt with lots of patches on it. Find yours and don’t be afraid to shop around a little bit to do that. We don’t take it personally. We want our people. What’s for you will find you. What’s for us will find us.

J: That’s right. I think that’s a really great point to remind people that it can be hard to figure out what’s a coach’s background, but you should just ask them. I agree with the quote or the quote, the quilt idea. Not all coaches are created alike. It’s pretty easy actually to just put yourself out there and say you’re a coach. So do ask, this is kind of just a word of warning, I guess, do ask a little bit about what’s their training, ask if they have certifications, and how long have they been doing this?

It’s appropriate to ask those questions. So get a little bit nosy about that when you’re trying to find a good coach for you. Make sure you understand that it’s okay to invest in yourself. There’s a lot of different price points in coaching and, if possible, try not to make the decision fully on price. Really look at what can this person do for you? How stuck are you? What might be the benefits and the payoff to getting into a coaching relationship and helping you get really unstuck? 

C: Well, and that whole idea is why we offer free coaching consultations so that you can meet us. You can scroll our website and you can learn a little bit out of our voice and our tone and our brand, but you get to meet us and you should (and we should) always work with people who can connect with you. Someone that you want to invest in. It’s an investment in yourself. You’re worth it. Do that. Take advantage of those things because it’s going to be very informative and you’ll know. 

J: So follow your intuition on that. And then you can tell people that you are working with a Patrick Lencioni/Brene Brown person who does not have a wait list.

C: What is that animal, the centaur? It’s half a horse, half a man? 

J: Let’s not picture that. 

C: That’s a real thing! 

J: Instead, I know, but let’s not picture that. Okay. Well, that’s all we’ve got, thank goodness, for this episode of our Shotcast. But we always have much more to say. If you want more, drop us a line at Until next time.

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