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Jack Chat S3 Ep 1: Why solo success may exist only in your imagination.
Theory of Complexity
S3 Ep1: Why Dave Snowden’s theory is important when leading people.
How Leadership Became My Thing
Imagine this. Fresh out of college with a degree in Psychology, I joined Corporate America. Not just any company, a…
Performance Issues?
Every team has issues. The symptoms of unhealthy teams include frustration, confusion, and rework. Fighting the symptoms can take a…
Your Two Cents
According to a study by Marshall Goldsmith, your 2 cents may add about 10% value to another person's idea, but…
I’m a Leader and I’m Exhausted!
Ask ChatGPT why leaders are exhausted and it will spit out a list of 11 reasons in less than 10…
Employee Survey Results Are IN
You just got your employee survey results. You received a lot of really good feedback, and maybe some that caught you…
Low Team Performance and Morale
Some shocking new research has shown that unhealthy team environments do not just negatively impact performance and morale. It revealed…
Stop Killing Accountability
Did you know that out of 562 large (mostly U.S.) companies, 29% have accountability listed as a corporate value? (It’s…
Why “The Change Course” works
When change management is applied, employees, leaders, and clients notice (in a big way).
The Value of 360 Feedback
S2 Ep9: Serious pitfalls of the beloved 360 feedback tool.
Mindful Listening
Jack Chat S2 Ep 10: How listening will make you a better leader.

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