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One thing we wish all leaders knew about leading change.
The one thing we wish leaders knew about leading change.
Conflict Debt
Jack Chat S2 Ep 8: Why conflict debt is toxic and how to fix it.
Getting to know Courtney Smock, Slingshot25 founding partner
When you work with Slingshot25's Courtney Smock, you work with a crazy-good-systems-thinker-who's-done-it-all. Learn more about Courtney's background and how she "backed…
Why you should stop avoiding that tough conversations
You wake up in the morning and know it’s a day when you have to have a tough conversation. Let’s…
The Underestimating Mistake
Jack Chat S2 Ep 7: The thing leaders underestimate at their peril.
The Aftermath of Change
Shotcast S2 Episode 7: The aftermath of poorly managed change.
A Leader’s Influence on Culture (pt.2)
Jack Chat S2 Ep 6: Jack discusses the big impact a leader has on culture.
Manager Impact on Mental Health
Shotcast S2 Episode 6: A manager’s outsized impact on a person’s mental health.
Animate your Culture
Jack Chat S2 Ep 5: Jack talks about the role a leader plays in bringing company culture to life.
Tough Conversations
Shotcast S2 Episode 5: How tough conversations straight up overlap in change and leadership.
The Reminder
Jack Chat S2 Ep 4: Jack shares her biggest complaint about leadership “reminders.”
The Big Question
Shotcast S2 Episode 4: What has changed in leadership and what’s ahead in the future?
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