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Belief in Others
Jack Chat Episode 6: A powerful and often overlooked leadership skill.
Jack Chat Episode 5: The benefits of being deliberately curious as a leader.
Jack Chat Episode 4: A leader’s best friend in tough situations.
Jack Chat Episode 3: A new definition of humility for leaders.
Workplace of the Future
Shotcast Episode 10: What do we lose in the virtual workplace?
Bad is Stronger than Good
Shotcast Episode 9: Should change management actually be called “loss” management?
Equity Theory & Engagement
Shotcast Episode 8: How do “Equity Theory” and “Employee Engagement” factor in to “Quiet Quitting.”
Quiet Quitting
Shotcast Episode 7: Everyone seems to be talking about the phenomenon of quiet quitting.
Jack Chat Episode 2: Your need for control may be driving employees away.
Who IS Jack?
Jack Chat Episode 1: Welcome to Slingshot25’s video series of tiny lessons in leadership.
Preparing for Change
Shotcast Episode 6: Is your organization prepared for change?
This Team is on the Struggle Bus
In this webinar, Courtney and Jackie discuss the symptoms of an unhealthy team and some ideas about how to address…
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