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Working Managers
As a certified EOS implementer, Michelle Owens works with all kinds of businesses from financial to construction and their goal…
What do you want people to say about you at your funeral? Before you read any further, stop right now and…
Coaching Up
Flowing feedback upward in your organization We are disinclined to bite the hand that feeds us. This basic truth means that…
Jack Chat S2 Ep 1: Restraint can be an important skill in leadership.
Shotcast S2 Episode 2: Be cautious of relying too heavily on anonymous feedback channels.
Crap, I lost my job!
Shotcast S2 Episode 1: How to deal with the emotional stress of losing your job so you can move forward.
Coaching. The skill that changes EVERYTHING.
In this webinar, Jackie and Courtney outline the specific steps needed to create a leadership movement in an organization.
Jack Chat Episode 8: Common misperceptions about coaching busted.
The Coaching Investment
Shotcast Episode 14: Teaching leaders to coach and benefit an entire company.
Unrewarded Work
Shotcast Episode 13: The undervalued (and most important) work in the workplace.
The Future of Work Considerations (pt. 2)
Shotcast Episode 12: The Future of Work Considerations (pt.2)
The Future of Work Considerations (pt. 1)
Shotcast Episode 11: The Future of Work Considerations
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