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Hi, it’s Jack again with another tiny lesson in leadership, straight up.

This one’s about a super-common challenge that messes with your ability to inspire great performance and keep great talent on your team.

It’s called your need to CONTROL and it’s DEADLY to almost everything that makes your team a place people actually want to work.

Did you know that the need to control is driven by fear? And what controlling leaders fear MOST is that people on their team will do things differently than how they would do them themselves.

So, if you’re the kind of person who falls asleep with the remote control in your hand…it may be time to step back and empower your team members before you drive them away.

Now, I have three self-reflection questions that can help you with this:

  1. How do I feel about letting go of things?
  2. How often do I expect status updates?
  3. How do I react to the mistakes of others?

Ask yourself those questions. Keep leading. And come back again for another chat!

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