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Who IS Jack?

Hi! Welcome to Jack Chat! A video series of tiny lessons in leadership, straight up.

I’m Jack and I’ll be playing the lead role in this video series…because I’ve been teaching leaders for a very long time.

Now… you might be thinking you’re unlikely to become a great leader simply by watching a video series of videos… Although I’ll have to admit, I did learn some sweet knitting skills that way.

I do know that you CAN become a great leader by practicing and experimenting with new leadership approaches. And most importantly, by embracing those awkward moments that always come when you try something new.

I know this will work because that’s how you’ve learned all the skills over your lifetime. You learn them through direct experience.

Which brings me to your first leadership lesson, straight up… Did you know that people who self-reflect on their experience, they learn more and learn faster than people who don’t.

I want you to get the most out of every Jack Chat lesson, so I’ll include in every episode a self-reflection question to help you deepen your learning.

That leads me to your first question. Your first self-reflection is to ask yourself, “Who would follow me, even if they didn’t have to?” By thinking about that, you’ll get a sense of your overall impact as a leader.

So, give it some thought. Keep leading. And come back for another chat!

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