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Working Managers

A tired manager rests his head on his fist and closes his eyes while sitting in front of his laptop

As a certified EOS implementer, Michelle Owens works with all kinds of businesses from financial to construction and their goal is always the same – to gain efficiency and traction in their company. While EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) is incredibly effective in helping companies reach their business goals, it’s also very helpful in identifying the issues getting in their way.

A common theme for small businesses is the desire to keep a lean team, which often includes “working managers.” Working managers have leadership responsibilities and manage people, but they also have direct responsibility for delivering the company’s products and services. And in that scenario, the piece that often gets pushed aside is the “leadership” part of their role.

Managing people is hard. Being an effective leader takes time and commitment in order to provide the level of support and accountability needed for optimum team health and performance. But when a leader is also a “doer” in the organization, 80 percent of their time is spent working at the lowest level of their assigned duties.

When Lean is TOO Lean
Yes, businesses should feel good about creating a team that is lean and productive. But an organization’s structure may not work when the team is too lean and there are too many working managers with a growing list of frontline responsibilities.

How do you know? Here are a few telltale signs to watch for:
-Lack of clarity or confusion about roles and responsibilities
-Ineffective issues management
-Employee engagement suffering, turnover increasing

EOS Can Help
If working managers are critical to your company’s success (and that’s the case for many small businesses), EOS has specific tools designed to identify areas of opportunity and get a plan to swiftly improve the situation.

If you’re interested in learning more about how EOS can help your small business, contact Michelle for a consultation at

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