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When you leave the room


What do you want people to say about you when you’re dead?

Before you read any further, stop right now and think of at least one thing you would want people to say about you.

Do you have something in mind?


If you haven’t thought of something yet, this is your last chance to think about it before you keep reading.

Ok, good.

Now…consider what you have done today aligned to the legacy you want to leave. I don’t mean “today” in the sense of the general present as opposed to the general future. I mean on THIS day. Also consider what you have done on this day that detracts from the legacy you want to leave.

This is how a legacy works. It’s not what happens when you leave the planet. It’s what happens when you leave the room.

This is not an idea meant to shame you when you have a bad day and you act in ways not aligned to your legacy. It’s a caution and a reminder to pay attention to how you show up each day, including THIS day.

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