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The one size that fits all


We are often asked about which change and leadership development models we use. Our work at Slingshot25 is model agnostic and here are a couple of reasons why.

Not all models are created equal.

If a model provides structure, creates common language and is memorable enough to help people communicate complex ideas simply, it works.

You’ll know it isn’t working if:

  • No one can remember it.
  • People are confused and aren’t able to understand or explain it.
  • You find yourself constantly explaining it. Especially if you find yourself explaining certain parts over and over because no one understands that part. That part is broken and needs fixed!
  • The person explaining it does so in a tone that reminds you of a bad college professor. Over-complication in the effort to appear smart is not helpful.

We believe in answers, not THE answer.

Rather than searching for “the” model, it’s better to have an understanding of a few good ones. Being able to share the same truth in different ways is important to learning for all. With a variety of methods, we are better able to leverage the right thing at the right time to explain the complex world in which we work. Different options are important because what resonates for one person might not resonate with someone else.


  1. Listen for language of control and judgement. When these kick in, the model is likely being used to suggest there is one best answer that will yield the same results for all. When this happens, listening and curiosity drop and so does your ability to perform.
  2. Don’t expect a model to solve all of your problems. Models do what they do. They bring clarity, they create a common language and when designed well, they can improve our ability to collaborate. They don’t replace communication, accountability, courage, or caring (a.k.a. leadership.)

Good leadership is the only “one size fits all” . . . because leadership is not a model, it’s a way of being.

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