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The climb


In change, we often talk about the “J” curve. The ultimate drop that every person, team and organization will feel as a result of the change. We talk about the leap, the fall, the fact that leaders get to “skip the dip.”

What has been less visible, less talked about, and less acknowledged is what comes after. Yes, we fall, but then what? At Slingshot25, we call what follows The Climb. The climb is where people actually process the change. Anxiety gives way to confusion, disappointment, fatigue and anger. This is where the most faith in leadership is lost.

“What’s going to happen?” becomes “Who’s @#@# idea what this anyway?”

During the climb the need for strong leadership kicks in. People need clarity and direction. They need training, tools and support. They need encouragement. People need to be reminded of why we set off on this (impossible) mission in the first place. Above all else, people need to feel that it’s worth their energy to keep climbing. Good leaders make sure people feel cared about, valued and know that they are making progress, especially during the climb.

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