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Noticing More

Welcome to this episode of Jack Chat and another tiny lesson in leadership, straight up.

In every episode of Jack Chat, we try to bring you something useful. But admittedly, some lessons are more key than others. This is one of those lessons. 

I’m talking about the key skill of “noticing.” It’s a skill I’ve talked about before, but it’s definitely worth revisiting. Let’s start by considering what we mean by “key.” 

A key, of course, is something that unlocks or starts a bigger, more valuable thing. And that’s exactly what the skill of noticing does.

You’re probably wondering, what exactly am I supposed to be noticing? Well, this is a leadership lesson…. so…PEOPLE of course!

There are three things that can help you be more “noticing” of others:

First and most important: Stop thinking about yourself all the time.
Inward, self-focused thoughts make it nearly impossible to notice anything. You cannot lead if you cannot see beyond yourself.

Second: Don’t be so judgy. 
It doesn’t matter how much you listen if you judge and react to everything that makes you uncomfortable or you don’t agree with. Jumping to judgment kills your ability to notice and take in information that brings insight and solves problems.

Finally: Believe in others.
The people you lead are just like you – full of possibility and potential. Failing to see this clouds your ability to notice the unique nature of each person’s abilities and challenges. A big part of being a leader.

So… if noticing is the key – what does it unlock?

At risk of being overly dramatic (which has never stopped me before) … it unlocks EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT BEING A LEADER. Noticing allows you to sense what is right and helpful to do as a leader in that moment. There are no leadership techniques or formulas that can do that for you. You have to think like a leader – and that starts with noticing.

One last thing – once you unlock this leadership thinking, I suggest you leave it unlocked – unlike other valuable things you probably don’t want to leave unlocked….

And now for some self-reflection questions that will help you notice more:

In meetings with others, how often are my thoughts focused on myself?

  • How quick am I to judge other people’s beliefs, ideas, or mistakes?
  • When does my faith in others falter?
  • How might I better see their potential?

Give those self-reflection questions some thought…then shift your attention to others, and join me again for another chat!

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