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Mindset Over Skill Set

New Mindset turns into New Results

J: Today’s topic is Mindset Over Skill Set. I’m Jackie.

C: And I’m Courtney.

J: You know Courtney, we’re oftentimes in a rush to improve our skill set, like our technical and professional skills. We’re always about skill, developing thinking that is going to be sort of the best path to improving our performance. And it’s not that that’s not important. It’s that we’re missing a really big idea here, and that is that mindset is actually the greater differentiator in terms of our performance.

C: Mindset?

J: Yeah mindset.

C: Here’s a problem that I’m having with that I don’t know how many people really understand what mindset is.

J: So let’s tell them Courtney.

C: Okay well I wonder if I do? So we think of mindset as how you see the world around you. Right and you can ask yourself you want to know how your mindset is, check in with it. How am I seeing things? Am I feeling kind of tired and exhausted? Am I a little paranoid? Am I excited and energized? On a given moment day to day, your mindset shifts. It’s kind of the lenses we wear around and we get to pick them.

J: Ah, so in that description of mindset, Courtney, you are getting at a really great mindset improvement idea. So, the first thing is to ask yourself this question. What am I thinking right now about the world around me? And then you ask the second question which is, how is this mindset helping me or not helping me in terms of the work I need to do today? Because you get to choose. You get to choose your mindset. So, go choose.

C: Awesome. Until next time.

J: Bye

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