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Do You Need a Shot?

Shotcast logo that reads "Shotcast our teeny-tiny podcast"

Welcome to Slingshot25’s “Shotcast” – a teeny-tiny audio podcast that packs a punch.

C: So, what’s a Shotcast? Hi, I’m Courtney.

J: And I’m Jackie.

C: Jackie and I are partners at Slingshot25. At Slingshot25, we’re focused on helping teams and businesses improve their performance. We do that by doing leadership development training and coaching. And we even help teams that are struggling do some team recovery work. One of the most important things we do in our work is share ideas. That’s where the idea of Shotcasts came up.

J: Yeah, so Shotcast if you’re wondering is actually a totally made-up word.

C: Creative liberty!

J: Yeah, we made that word up. It’s a play on “podcast” and then “shot” which is of course part of our name, Slingshot25 but it’s also a tiny wee little drink of something very potent. So, it’s this idea of maybe a tiny wee potent podcast that’s only just a couple of minutes long.

C: Nice, so one of the things we’re thinking about is how best to deliver this. Like, we don’t want you have to scroll through iTunes or Spotify and let’s face it who really wants to hear from us…it’s people that want to hear from us. So, we’re going to send you an email like every other week or so with this short podcast. Whatever ideas we’re thinking about, and you can listen in. We’ll do a text transcription and you can listen to it. You can share it with your friends and just get your little dose of Courtney and Jackie in your shots.

J: What could be easier?

C: What could be better?

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