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It all counts


When we talk about change, it’s often a generic conversation. We talk about a big event or a big decision. It’s often difficult to see what is really changing because there is so much that will be affected. It feels like too much, it’s everything and everywhere. It is this “everything-ness” that allows some leaders a buffer between decisions they’ve made and the impact that results from them. From a distance, a leader doesn’t feel the pain associated with a lack of clarity. He doesn’t have to dance with the awkwardness caused by the resulting dysfunctional team dynamics and interpersonal issues. It isn’t easy for her to tally up the cost of rework, quality issues and late deliveries that are caused by ineffective processes and lack of clear roles and responsibilities. Therefore, it doesn’t count. Staying above, not paying too much attention and being disconnected actually seems to pay off, but does it, really? If we want to reduce the negative impacts of change, we need to get specific, stay connected and start paying attention. It all counts. 

If you are undergoing messy transformations in your business and want to lead them more successfully, we can help. 

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