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Change = Loss

In the high-stakes game of change management, loss aversion is the silent player at the table. It’s the psychological quirk where the fear of losing out screams louder than the thrill of gaining. And in the workplace? It’s about as subtle as a fire alarm.

When change is announced, employees hear a wave of internal questions about how they will be affected.

  • What am I going to lose?
  • Who will make the decisions that affect me?
  • Who will I work with and have access to?
  • What will I (have to) do now?
  • How visible will I be?

The list goes on and on.

Understanding how people naturally respond to change is paramount in your ability to anticipate and address all of the job-related losses that come with it. Losses around identity, relationships, and productivity have enormous impacts (and subsequent emotions) for many.

When you learn to manage the fear, anxiety, and even anger that comes with change, you’re not just changing the game – you’re winning it.

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