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Low Team Performance and Morale

Some shocking new research has shown that unhealthy team environments do not just negatively impact performance and morale. It revealed that employees experiencing an unhealthy team environment are 35-55% more likely to be diagnosed with a major physical disease. This should instill a sense of urgency in any leader of a team experiencing persistent dysfunctional behavior.

Throughout the years of working with teams of all sizes and capabilities, we have seen many suffer under the crushing weight of destructive behaviors. This kind of problem is self-reinforcing because the nature of the dysfunction is the inability of team members to establish effective communication, build trust, and work out their differences.

We know that the team members are typically not bad people, but they are stuck in a team environment that is perpetuating destructive behavior and failing to bring out constructive behavior. When teams get stuck in patterns of destructive behavior, it’s time to ask for help and get serious about opening up to new ways of working that will restore trust and improve team performance. We call this team recovery and we know how to help you create it.

Check out this pdf to learn more.

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