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You’re Just Not That Big a Deal

Wooden figures are personified with simple drawings of faces and arms. 5 of these figures look upsettingly at one figure sitting atop a pile of coins.

J: Today’s topic is You’re Just Not That Big a Deal. I’m Jackie.

C: And I’m Courtney.

J: Yep, that’s right Courtney, you’re just not that big a deal.

C: Bummer.

J: I know. We actually have that statement on a big sign right inside the front door of our office in really big letters. But you know what it’s not intended as an insult. We’re not trying to insult everyone who comes through the door.

C: Great strategy Jack.

J: That’s right. It’s actually a reminder of humility, of course, you know you’re just not that big a deal. It’s a reminder to check our tendency towards arrogance.

C: Yeah and that reminder can be freeing. Right it’s an opportunity that if you’re just not that big a deal, maybe I can set down some of my worries and set down some of the stress and not have to carry the weight of the world around. So maybe I don’t have to be scared to speak up in this meeting. Or I’m just not that big a deal, I can step up to this project and what’s the worst that’s going to happen. And I’m not that big a deal, like how can I really be focused on others.

J: That’s right so the idea that you’re just not that big a deal is actually a super effective daily reminder to stop obsessing about yourself to set down both arrogance and anxiety and go put something generous into the world. So go for it and until next time. Bye.

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