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Stop Avoiding It

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You wake up in the morning and know it’s a day when you have to have a tough conversation. Let’s face it, there are five ga-billion other things you’d rather do.

Before you go rescheduling that meeting, here are just a few reasons NOT to avoid it one more day.

Team performance suffers
Unaddressed problems can lead to long-term issues like a decrease in overall team performance. And that’s more difficult to resolve later on.

Trust erodes
If people don’t feel like they can rely on their colleagues or managers to have open and honest discussions, they may become suspicious or resentful.

Resentment builds
Resentment can lead to a toxic work environment where people hold grudges and negative feelings toward one another.

Conflict escalates
What could have been a minor issue can turn into a larger conflict that requires more time and energy to resolve. Who has time for that?

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Our Tough Conversations that Move People Forward course teaches you critical skills to handle any difficult conversation effectively and with confidence.

Check out our Tough Conversations that Move People Forward Course to learn how to handle difficult discussions effectively.

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