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The Reminder

Hi, welcome to this episode of Jack Chat and another tiny lesson in leadership, straight up.

In this episode, I’m going to do something I’ve never done before… 

I’m going to complain. Air a grievance. Whine about it. You know…all the things this internet you are using right now was invented for.

Here’s my complaint…

It seems that after every public talk I give, someone comes up to mee afterwards and says, “Thanks for the talk – it was amazing!  So good… changed my life…like AH-MAZING…” Wait, I digress…that’s not my complaint, sorry, I digress.  It’s what they say next that’s the problem. They say, “It was a good reminder about the “people side” of leading others.

This brings up several questions for me: 

-What exactly is the other side of being a leader?
-When did we decide that neglecting this so-called “people side” of leading others warranted a mere reminder?
-At what point does a failure to be a leader (of people) become an issue worthy of more than a simple reminder?

Now, here are two questions for you, some self-reflection questions:

-In my job as a leader, do I consider all the “people stuff” less important than other responsibilities?

-How often do I pursue development in the area of leading others?

-And how seriously do I take this development?

Give those questions some thought, and set yourself a reminder to join me again for another chat!


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