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Welcome to Jack Chat and another episode in tiny lesson in leadership, straight up.

In this episode, I’d like to address an essential but rarely considered leadership skill. It’s the skill of “restraint.” That’s right, I’m talking about the skill of NOT taking action. 

Now, before you give yourself a pat on the back…a “restraint” pat on the back about all the unimportant tasks you have eliminated from your to-do list, just wait just one second because that’s not what I’m talking about. 

I’m talking about the skill of NOT giving someone advice, NOT telling someone what to do …even when you really, really want to. 

What’s this? Jack, do not eat?

Like resisting the temptation of a delicious donut, restraint is one of leadership’s greatest challenges. To build your leadership restraint, consider this…

Restraint doesn’t mean disconnecting or being passive about issues. It means knowing how to access your belief in others to create powerful learning experiences, to drive up accountability, to create commitment. 

All that  … just by NOT taking action.

(off camera): Jack, Did you eat all of those donuts?

Jack: No.  Well, maybe.  Yes.

(off camera):  Um…Jack, this is an episode about restraint. 

Jack: I know… they’re just so delicious…. We can edit this part out right?

(off camera): Yah, we could do that). 

Jackie (wiping the frosting off her face): Perfect! 

Here are a few self-reflection questions to help you consider your leadership restraint abilities:
How might my stepping IN cause others to step OUT?

How might I increase the commitment of others just by not adding my two cents?

How will I be strategic about using the skill of restraint this week?

Give those questions some thought, show some restraint….and join me again for another chat.

Outtake –  Jack sitting at her desk listening to the episode and realizing the part has been left in… Kim Garrett! I thought you were going to edit that part out!

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