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Preparing for Change


J: Hi, welcome to Slingshot25 Shotcast. A series of bite-sized podcasts that will feel like an espresso shot to your brain. I’m Jackie.

C: I’m Courtney.

J: You know something we’re thinking about right now is how organizations can prepare themselves to deal with change. Every organization is in some sort of swirl of change seemingly all the time. And we all know that change can be particularly messy. It blows things apart in your organization. It tears up relationships and you end up with a lot of people just feeling overwhelmed and unsure how to deal with what’s going on around them. How to essentially move through all the changes. 

C: So what’s interesting is we use the word change generically and we all say let’s just do something about the change. And we can actually help quite a bit if we get more specific and realize like, there’s things we can teach that helps our organizations deal with this. We can get more influential. Do you know that influence can be taught. We can make better decisions. Decisions help your change process. You can actually teach people how to do that. Even better leaders. Right, having better leaders and teaching people to lead. Teaching them to care for their people while things are changing. That’s a skill that can be taught. And so one of the things that that we want you to really think about if you’re leading an organization that’s going through a lot of change is, maybe stop talking about change and start getting specific about what skills do we need. What information do we need? How do we build our teams? How do we prepare them with tools? Like actually give them tools, standard common ways that we create conversation and we create meaning around what’s going on. Change starts to mean nothing, starts to mean nothing. How can you get more specific more actionable more ready to lead so that it gets easier.

J: All right, I love it. Sounds like a plan. So that’s all for this episode of Slingshot 25 Shotcast. Until next time.

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