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Hit it next time


People know what to do. They don’t always know how to do it.

Ever watch a youth sports coach say something super helpful to a kid like, “hit it next time?” When coaches give that kind of feedback, a sarcastic comment might float through your head like, “oh, thank goodness! That kid is definitely going to hit it now. Soooo helpful!” (just me?)

In contrast, good coaches encourage. Before they offer suggestions, they help the player reflect on what they could do differently by inquiring about their observations, thoughts and ideas. They create space for learning. The best coaches believe that people have the power within them to grow, change and improve. They know their job isn’t to give answers, but to help the person unlock the answers within.

They also understand the importance of taking a swing/shot/leap. Action may lead to failure before it leads to success, and that’s why they value practice. Practice is a chance for improvement.

As leaders, we must remember that our people need more than advice or our obvious observations to reach their potential. This requires leadership skills. We can help you build them.

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