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Welcome to this episode of Jack Chat and another tiny lesson in leadership, straight up.

In this episode, I’m going to address a hugely popular, but often misunderstood topic: coaching. Let’s start with the misunderstood part. I’ve invited my internal narrator to help me with this part.

Is coaching telling me the best thing to do in my situation? No.

Is it teaching me the secrets of successful people? No.

Is it assessing my personality, like am I an introvert or extrovert? No.

OK.  Here’s what good coaches do:

They help you reach your full potential by getting clear about what you really want (which is often harder than it sounds). And then noticing the thoughts and habits that are not helping you achieve that goal. 

Coaches help you find new thoughts and new habits to move you forward, beyond where you are stuck. Great coaches help you do this even beyond your natural wiring …. which is why we don’t let you get too caught up in those personality tests.

Here are a few self-reflection questions to help you determine if coaching might be right for you:

Do I feel stuck in an unfulfilling career or life situation?

Does it feel like I’m at a crossroads on something important for my future?

Do I find myself needing to learn the same lesson again and again?

Give those questions some thought, consider coaching….and join me again for another chat.

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