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Change got you into this, leadership will get you out.

Meet the coaches at Slingshot25

Courtney Smock

Courtney is experienced at helping influencers and leaders improve their ability to create an impact, take care of people, and take action during change. She is a founding partner of Slingshot25 where she specializes in change leadership, team effectiveness and transition coaching.

  • iPEC Professional Coach Training 
  • Energy Leadership Master Practitioner 
  • Career/Professional Coaching
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Jackie Pelland

Jackie has over 25 years of leadership development experience inside Fortune 500 companies. She is a founding partner of Slingshot25 where she designs and delivers leadership development programs and specializes in executive leadership coaching.

  • iPEC Professional Coach Training 
  • Energy Leadership Master Practitioner 
  • Executive Leadership Coaching 
  • Coaching Instructor
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Sarah Gorsh

Sarah is no stranger to the tug-of-war that exist between work and life as a career professional after spending 25 years in the corporate space battling with the same. A partner at Slingshot25, Sarah specializes in coaching those who desire lasting work-life integration, productivity and efficiency gains, and team effectiveness.

  • iPEC Professional Coach Training 
  • Energy Leadership Master Practitioner
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Why coaching is a game-changer for leaders (and your culture).

It’s easy to think that company cultures are primarily shaped by the decisions and actions of the most senior leaders. But the reality is that leaders at every level have the power to make or break your culture every day. The daily leadership behaviors that make people feel included vs. excluded, respected vs. disrespected, or supported vs. undermined determine how employees will experience your organization’s culture regardless of what cultural values you have defined on your website.

Leader coaching is the most powerful way to develop or deepen the mindset and skills that will ensure your cultural values are more than a statement on your website.

Our coaching works. We don’t treat the job of a leader as merely a collection of techniques to be learned. We shift perspectives and help your leaders find new ways of thinking so that they can find answers to their most challenging problems now – and long after coaching ends.

Interested in Team Coaching?

All hands come together over an office table

When teams get stuck in patterns of destructive behavior, it’s time to ask for help and get serious about opening up to new ways of working that will restore trust and improve team performance.

We call this team recovery and we know how to help you create it.

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