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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring A Coach

Hiring a coach is a significant investment in your development, so you want to make sure you’re making the right decision when hiring a coach. Before you sign on with someone, be sure you’re avoiding these common mistakes.

  1. Not Clearly Defining Goals
    It’s essential to know, first and foremost, what you want to get out of coaching. And that is sometimes very hard to articulate and define. But, without defined goals, it’s challenging for both you and the coach to measure progress and ensure alignment of efforts. Whatever you do, don’t shortchange this step!
  2. Neglecting Compatibility
    Establishing a comfortable connection between you and your coach matters—a lot. Even if a coach has a stellar reputation, if you don’t feel comfortable opening up to them, the coaching relationship is unlikely to be successful. Finding a coach with whom you have a good rapport and who understands your unique needs and communication style is essential.
  3. Choosing a Coach Based on Price
    Picking a coach based on the price may be tempting, but we caution you from making your decision based on that alone. Before you sign on with the least expensive option, we recommend you look into the coach’s experience and credentials. This can be hard to do on your own, so consider contacting them and asking questions, such as:
    • What is your coaching experience and background?
    • What coaching certifications or training do you have?
    • How do you tailor your coaching to individual clients’ needs?
    • Do you have a specialty area or focus?

**If you ask for client references, remember that the coaching relationship is confidential, so it may be a challenge to get the names/contact info of references.

Consider these three things before you work with a coach, and you’ll have a better outcome in the end.

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