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Online Courses

Free webinars are great, but sometimes you need a little more insight and training. That’s where Slingshot25 Online Courses come in.

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“Should I quit my job or stick it out?”

If you are dealing with a bad boss or some other form of job misery (although, “bad boss” is the #1 reason for job misery), this five-day program is designed for you.

For only $59, this course will provide you with effective hacks you can use immediately to change what it feels like to go to work tomorrow. In addition to the daily plan, we’ll help you unpack the feeling of being “stuck” and get excited about Mondays again.

Course Overview

Day One: I just want to quit!
Day Two: What’s holding you back?
Day Three: Take back control
Day Four: Intelligent quitting
Day Five: Take Action

Your Guides

Jackie Pelland and Courtney Smock are certified coaches who understand the need for better leadership across organizations. They know that a lack of leadership is often the root of job confusion, dysfunctional teams and painful emotional devastation in the workplace. They also believe that leaders can be developed and people can be helped. Together, they created 5 days to Quit or Stick to help you make next week better!

How Does This Work?

Step 1: Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase the program.

Step 2: You’ll receive an email with a link to log into our platform where you’ll find the program videos and personal workbook.

Step 3: Get to work planning a better future with the expert advice and lifetime access to the program materials.

Ready to Start?

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